Cuatro Guitar Program

These take place at La Rondalla de Humacao. Rondalla de Humacao is a group of young adults with Down Syndrome that play the “Cuatro”. We currently support Juanito (the young man in the video below) with a scholarship for his Cuatro guitar development and his expenses for his international expose. featuring La Rondalla de Humacao Especial

Juanito; a very talented down syndrome musician is playing a "Güiro" a Latin-American persussion instrument consisting of an open-ended, hollow gourd with parallel notches cut in one side. Here he is with his devoted teacher, Mr. Jorge Camacho from La Rondalla de Humacao, Puerto Rico
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Horizontina's fundraiser for special need development featuring Rondalla de Humacao Especial. A band of young adults with down syndrome playing the Cuatro Guitar.
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Horizontina featuring La Rondalla Especial de Humacao, Puerto Rico

Horizontina's fundraiser. Funds goes to programs for the development of special need individuals in the arts. Down Syndrome Band of Cuatro Guitar. La Rondalla de Humacao.
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Juanito's talent! Horizontina and Rondalla de Humacao Especial

Juanito is a very talented young man with down syndrome who plays the cuatro guitar thanks to his dedicated teacher Mr.Jorge Camacho from la Rondalla de Humacao, Puerto Rico.
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